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Jerry Rich Jan/ 9/ 2019 | 0

Mold can cause your health to drop pretty hard. It can affect your health as well as the people around you. This fungus can even cause your pets pain. There are only some mold types that are toxic to humans, but some of these are household molds.

One of the worst kinds of mold, black mold, can cause even more problems for you and your family. It could leave you with a permanent sensitivity to all molds and can even cause fatigue, chronic headaches, and more. You never want this stuff in your home if you can help it. There are ways to prevent it, but if you want to see if you have it, you need a mold test.

There is a lot of information about them at

Plenty of mold tests exist on the market that you can use at home. It might be a bit daunting to use one, but it is easier than you might think. It is simply a matter of preparing the test tubes and petri dishes that might come with the mold test.

After you collect the mold samples, all you have to do is send them off to the laboratory that is connected to the mold test. They will provide you with a lot of information on the mold if you have any.