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Jerry Rich Mar/ 12/ 2019 | 0

Through brain-scanning technique it was found out that the anatomical change in musician’s brain is connected to the starting age of his training.  This is not surprising but learning music at a young age can affect a big change. Interesting to say that even brief period can have benefits that are long-lasting. A 2013 study have found that even moderate musical trainings preserve the sharp processing of speech sounds, It can even slows down age-related reduction in hearing.

Aside from brain improvement, some of the other benefits that music can provide to musicians are strengthening the bond between each other like in their group. It strengthens the memory promoting reading skills too which is good for young children.  It can even promote happiness and multiple sensory skills at the same time. Music increases the blood flow to the brain thereby promoting motor control while reducing stress and depression.

Music can also promote multi-sensory skills since with music all our senses are involved in appreciating and playing this. These are the sense of sound, feel or touch and our eyes. It was no wonder when we see people doing multi-tasking, playing even 2-3 instruments while singing making a solo band which is very impressive. Olivia Speaks shared an example of people that can also play the instrument from memory even though they have not played for years. And that is because music stays in our mind and heart too. The interested musicians can visit this blog to get more information regarding her songs.

With music taking impressive effects to the human body, it is therefore better to introduce our children to music at an early time though most parents do that through their lullaby. It is also best to allow music to continue playing while the baby is sleeping in the crib since that alone can already promote the child to the sound thereby getting the possible results of having music in life.