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Jerry Rich Apr/ 4/ 2019 | 0

Screws are used to join materials by digging in and blocking into a material when rotated. There are many types of screws and each type used for different purpose. One of the screws is masonry screw.

Masonry screws are used to attach stuff to masonry or solid things. These screws are self-tapping. It can be used in a variety of materials like brick, concrete, mortar joints, etc.

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Masonry screws are available in two different head styles, and each is designed for different purposes. If the head of the screw needs to be countersunk in the solid, then a flat headed screw should be used.

And if screw head will be on the top then a hex washer screw should be used.  These screws have a commonly alternative high and low thread.

When inserting masonry screw, a pilot hole must be bored before installing the screw. The size of the hole should be correct so that the screw did not break while inserting.

There are commonly 3 types of masonry screws:

  • Philips cement masonry screw
  • Cement board screws that have a drill point
  • Cement board screws and have a sharp point

These three screws are for a special purpose and have a blue or green ceramic coat. These screws can be used for interior and for exterior purposes.